Fire Sprinkler Winterization in Dallas, TX

Do you really need to winterize your fire sprinklers in Dallas? It may not freeze often here, but even one unexpected freeze can cause damage to your fire protection system if you’re not prepared. There aren’t any true procedures specific to winterizing fire sprinklers – but the increased risk of damage makes fall a great time to get up-to-date on your inspection & maintenance schedule. We’ll cover some basic steps you can take to prepare your fire sprinkler system this winter, but most fire protection systems have other components that should be checked as well – like backflow prevention devices.

If you’re looking for help with your Dallas fire sprinkler system, Elite Fire can help. We’ve been designing & building fire protection systems in the greater Dallas area for 30 years. Our expert team can inspect your building before any potential freeze this winter and make sure your fire sprinklers meet regulations and are in proper working order.

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What to ‘winterize’

Elite Fire has decades of experience with a variety of fire protection components that need regular maintenance:

Prepare your fire sprinkler system for winter:

The most common types of fire sprinkler systems are wet & dry – or variations/combos of those. Wet systems sprinkler pipes are usually left filled with water, while ‘dry’ systems do not fill with water until it is triggered. Although dry fire sprinkler systems are commonly used to prevent the damage caused by freezing water, they are not fool-proof and require regular maintenance & testing. Water in the form of condensation gathers in the dry sprinkler pipes over time and can damage & degrade the system, even in the summer.

Dry Fire Sprinkler Inspection

  • Check low points & drum drips for condensation buildup – drain if present
  • Regularly inspect riser or pump rooms
  • Sprinkler components should ideally stay at or above 40°F

Wet Fire Sprinkler Inspection

  • Wet sprinkler pipes should be kept above 40°F
  • 40°F is the safe temperature to avoid accidental freezing

Antifreeze Sprinkler System Inspection

  • Antifreeze is sometimes added to wet sprinkler systems to make them less prone to freezing
  • Antifreeze levels in the system can decrease over time. Perform regular antifreeze checks so it works properly

For any type of fire sprinkler, and all the other fire protection equipment in your building, you should create (and follow) an inspection & maintenance schedule. A properly maintained fire protection system will mean that it works when/if you need it, and can prevent costly repairs.

Elite Fire maintains fire sprinklers across Dallas

If you’re not sure whether or not your fire protection system is current on inspections and in proper working order – contact Elite Fire today. Even if it doesn’t freeze this winter, now is the right time to have professional fire protection consultants take a look so your building is protected.

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