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Backflow Testing in Dallas & Texas

Elite Fire can install, inspect, and repair backflow prevention assemblies or devices across Texas. Your specific municipality’s regulations may differ, but typically require an annual inspection to ensure that backflow is being protected. Elite Fire’s skilled backflow experts will make sure you are following all applicable codes & standards, while keeping your water (and the public’s water) safe from contamination. To schedule your backflow inspection, or if you have any questions about backflow prevention - contact Elite Fire today!

What is Backflow?

Put simply, backflow is when water from some external environment flows back up the hose/pipe/etc. into your city’s water system. While this may seem strange, it definitely happens in Texas in a variety of situations, like mixing agricultural pesticides. Another big potential for backflow is with fire protection systems, with the large amounts of water and pressure changes.

Backflow can be extremely dangerous for public potable water, and difficult to resolve, in large cities like Dallas & Houston, but also in more rural areas of Texas. When backflow sends external water back into the public system, that water can be contaminated with any number of potential risk factors: pesticides, heavy metals, waste - or anything else that shouldn’t be in the public drinking water.

Preventing Backflow in Texas

Because backflow poses a risk to everyone’s drinking water, it is important that it is prevented & monitored properly. You can research the various Texas and local government regulations that apply, or just contact the experts at Elite Fire. Depending on the size, complexity, and type of system that you have, Elite Fire will identify your backflow prevention responsibility and make sure the device or devices are working properly and according to local law.

Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Backflow prevention assemblies (or devices) are simple in theory, but can quickly become complex depending on your needs & situation. Essentially, they are valves that close to prevent potentially contaminated water from flowing back up into the clean water, which most often occurs due to pressure change or siphoning. Backflow prevention assemblies (BPAs) are not one-size-fits-all, the correct setup must be determined by experts and may include additional systems or backup BPAs.

Texas Backflow Inspection by Elite Fire

Elite Fire’s backflow technicians are properly certified to inspect backflow prevention assemblies & devices across the Dallas Metro area and the state of Texas. They will remove any confusion you have about backflow prevention, your building’s responsibility, or your current backflow prevention systems.

If the backflow test inspection reveals anything - we may be able to service the device or assembly immediately, or even install a new system. Our goal is to make sure you are not only code compliant, but also doing your part to prevent any public water contamination.

Contact Elite Fire today with any backflow related questions, or to schedule your required inspection.

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