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Elite Fire designs, builds, and services fire sprinkler systems across Dallas and the state of Texas. Our expert fire sprinkler technicians have years of experience with a variety of different types of fire sprinklers: wet pipe, dry pipe, and pre-action sprinklers - along with standpipes, fire pumps, and water storage tanks. No matter what you need, Elite Fire can help.

Elite Fire has worked on buildings of all sizes, uses, and complexities, so you can trust us to keep your building and the people inside safe. We’ve provided fire protection for:

  • Condos - Museum Tower
  • Hotels - W Hotel Dallas & Hilton Granite
  • Hospitals - Flower Mound Presbyterian Hospital
  • Office & Industrial - Toyota North American Headquarters
  • Baylor Stadium
  • DFW Airport Terminal D

If you need fire sprinklers installed or serviced in your Texas building, contact Elite Fire today.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing in Texas

Most municipalities in Texas require some sort of regular testing or inspection to confirm that your building’s fire sprinkler system is in proper working order. This protects not only your building and its contents, but also the surrounding buildings and emergency responders.

While the exact frequency for sprinkler inspections in your city/town in Texas may differ, regulations are typically taken from or guided by the National Fire Protection Association. Specifically, NFPA 25 is the baseline code/standard for water-based fire protection systems (like sprinklers).

If your fire sprinklers are due for an inspection - or you’re not sure if/when your system needs an inspection - contact Elite Fire today, our expert fire sprinkler contractors will help make sure you are safe and up to code.

What Fire Sprinkler Systems Do We Work With?

There is a huge variety of fire sprinkler systems & setups to best protect building & industries with different needs. Elite Fire has experience with almost every variety used around Dallas & Texas - and our fire sprinkler contractors are constantly working to keep up-to-date with all new systems innovations, guidelines, and regulations.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

The most common type of fire sprinkler installation. ‘Wet’ means that the sprinkler pipe is always filled with water. These simple systems can often be more reliable, as long as they are properly maintained.

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems refer to the sprinkler pipe remaining ‘dry’ – without water – until the sprinklers activate. Once they do, the air in the pipes must vent out to allow the water to flow. These systems are more complicated and change the design of other fire protection aspects – but can be required when sprinkler pipes are at risk of freezing.

Pre-Action Sprinklers

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are used in specialized cases where an accidental sprinkler activation is risky – such as museums or in data protection industries. These systems require some other check (the ‘pre-action’), like a fire alarm, before any sprinkler can activate. Beyond the pre-action step, these systems can include wet and/or dry pipe sprinkler setups.


Standpipes are permanent structures that allow for more effective fire-fighting in multi-story buildings. Instead of first responders’ needing to run firehose throughout the building – they can simply connect to a built-in standpipe throughout the building. Similar to sprinkler systems, they can also be either ‘wet’ or ‘dry’.

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are used to artificially increase the water pressure in a fire protection system. They are paired with some kind of motor, and use a sensor to monitor the pressure in the system. When sprinklers activate, pressure suddenly drops in the system, which can make it more difficult for other systems or sprinklers to activate. The fire pump corrects this issue.

Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection

Like any water storage tank, fire protection tanks take a variety of shapes & sizes – and supplement the existing water supply. They are especially important in fire protection because the volume of water needed in an emergency can be large, and more importantly, sudden. These tanks can be installed underground or above ground.

FM/Ecaro Suppression

Water is the most common fire suppressant, but suppression systems usually refer to other types of suppressants. These are used in situations where water may do more harm than the fire – such as telecommunication or archive storage. There are many types of suppressants for different situations, depending on the risks and needs.

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